Hundred Dollar Bills

Dollars for Domain Names, What's Your Price?

Welcome! Since you're here, it means I've reached out with an interest in your domain name or you have an interest in one of my domain names. To help clear any confusion and set the stage for a potential acquisition or sale, I've dedicated this space to answering a couple of common questions. Let's eliminate any guesswork and start our conversation on a confident and clear note. So, let's dive right in!

What is the Sales Process?

Round Process Chart
  1. Let's start with you sending me a message about the domain name you're interested in, along with the price you've envisioned for buying or selling.
  2. If your price expectations align with mine, we're all set to get things moving.
  3. This is where we kickstart the transaction using a domain name escrow service, which will ensure a secure handling of funds throughout the process.
  4. With all the details hammered out, we'll initiate the domain transfer process. Upon successful completion, our chosen intermediary, will release the funds. Super Simple!

Can we keep this transaction confidential?

In the domain name business, secrecy is key. Sellers avoid feeding the rumor mill, and buyers keep competition clueless about their plans, like planning a surprise party.

I handle every deal like a secret mission—smooth, safe, and hush-hush. I won't reveal our deal and I'm open to signing an NDA. Ready? Just click 'start' and message me.

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